SE1 - Wozair - Veotec Product Range

Veotec offers a full range of equipment to protect air intake systems against the ingress of water and salt.

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Our Main Veotec Product Catergories

Water Removal - Wozair - Veotec Product Range



A range of air intake separators designed to protect HVAC equipment, ventilation systems and diesel engines. Designed to remove sea spray, rain, bulk water and salt aerosols.


Inlet Heating and Cooling - Wozair - Veotec Product Range



Combining the superior water removal efficiency of SE1 vane separators with heat exchanger technology to de-ice the inlet and heat or chill the air stream.



Dust Control - Wozair - Veotec Product Range



For those dusty environments Veotec’s sand trap louvres and  our vane separators combined with bag filters offer a high level of protection.


Marine Ventilation - Wozair - Veotec Product Range



Engine intakes for engine room ventilation as well as general air conditioning need a very high level of protection which must not only be efficient but have a long and economic service life.


Core - Wozair - Veotec Product Range



Veotec Core Eliminators are designed to offer a unique, cost saving and flexible solution to a range of droplet elimination applications.


Silencers - Wozair - Veotec Product Range



The Veotec XR silencer range comprises duct mounted silencers offering exceptional levels of attenuation when compared against traditional silencing products, saving both weight and money.


Spare Parts - Wozair - Veotec Product Range



Filters for specific applications, from the standard Veotec CP2 to complement the SE series of separators, through to H12 for the ultimate inlet protection.