Veotec specialises in the design and manufacture of air intake systems


Catering for a wide range of industries, Veotec works with you to provide bespoke products and solutions to protect and extend the life of your equipment.

Primarily, Veotec products are used to protect and extend the life of equipment including diesel and gas turbine engines, HVAC systems in the harshest conditions from Arctic cold to desert heat and sand. Veotec offers a full range of equipment to protect air intake systems against the ingress of water and salt.
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Our main industry sectors can be found below.




Reliable high efficiency all weather air inlet or exhaust protection systems featuring the highest quality materials and construction for consistent water removal and acoustic attenuation performance in offshore and inland shale fracturing environments.





Superior rain, mist, drift, dust, snow, and anti-icing air inlet protection featuring low restriction using the highest quality materials and construction for Gas Turbine, Combined Cycle, and evaporative cooler inlets in coastal, arctic, desert, and offshore environments.




Trusted water removal solutions remove rain, mist, and spray with spray eliminators, dampers, and fan units on boats, ships, and hovercraft air intakes and engine room exhausts.





Dependable rain, water, mist, and spray eliminators for air inlets and electronics enclosures on all varieties of transport trains, buses, and recreational vehicles.




Economical mist eliminator louvre solutions with fully customisable material and packaging options delivering exceptional reliability, efficiency, service, and innovation for air inlets, vents, air handlers, evaporative cooling, and penthouse intakes.